Uzi Tactical Defender Pen

eea4_uzi_tactical_defender_pen eea4_uzi_tactical_defender_pen_inuse eea4_uzi_tactical_defender_pen_tip


We’ve always had a thing for crime shows, especially the kind with lots of forensic science. Also, it may help when the scientist happens to be a tattooed goth girl that’s on a constant sugar high. Just sayin’. Even if it’s science done in blue-tinted labs, we love it. The thought of a criminal being brought to justice because they left an eyelash at the scene of the crime is just sweet. But we’re also reminded that crime is real and you never know when the bad men might strike.

Are you expecting the unexpected? Does expecting the unexpected make the unexpected expected? Either way, the Uzi Tactical Pen turns a mere pen into a life saving tool. The crown also doubles as a glass breaker if you ever get trapped in your car… If things get really really bad, you can always rely on the hidden handcuff key inside the top of this cool pen. This wicked writing utensil is made of high-grade aircraft aluminum and writes upside down or under water. If you can find a situation where you use all of this pen’s features and live to tell the whole tale, we probably owe you some sort of prize lol. Its the business.

Product Specifications

  • Tactical pen made from aircraft aluminum
  • Also works as a glass breaker
  • Handcuff key hidden under the glass breaker crown
  • Accepts standard Parker and Fisher Space Pen refills
  • Pocket clip (removable)
  • Writes with black ink, upside down or underwater
  • Dimensions: 6″ x .55″ (152 x 14mm)




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