Star Trek Original Series Tricorder



Time to ruin a bit of star trec mystery for you. You know all the times that Spock beamed down to an alien planet and kept looking at his tricorder? He always claimed he was looking for lifeforms or scanning the atmosphere. But all that was a big lie! You know what he was really using was 23rd Century technology for? To find the nearest Starbucks. See, Spock . . . he was a vulca-frappachino addict.

Scanning for lifeforms

But seriously, no away team is complete without a few tricorders to scan for danger, and theStar Trek Original Series Tricorder has everything that you need. The top pops up to lights and sounds (straight from the TV show) with three buttons to activate the sound/light and effects. First door opens down to show the “data disks” (the precursor to today’s flash drives) and a rotating moiré pattern. The second door opens to reveal a hidden bit and a removable magic scanner (with its own light effects). Grab a Star Trek Original Series Tricorder today and, coupled with a Phaser and Communicator (see below), you’ll be ready for anything an alien planet can throw.

Star Trek Original Series Tricorder

  • Just like Spock used to scan planets for lifeforms and stuff.
  • Loaded with lights and sound effects taken straight from the TV show (special open/close noises, scanning, and sound clips from Spock himself!)
  • Removable hand scanner (with light effects).
  • Batteries: 3 AAA & 2 LR44 (included!)
  • Dimensions: 7.5″ x 5″ x 2″
  • Top Stuff for star trek Geeks




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