iBoutique ColourJets USB Dancing Fountain Speakers for PC/Mac/MP3 Players/Mobile Phones/Tablets – Jet Black

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Don’t just hear your own music, see your own music! Introducing the original iBoutique ColourJets USB Dancing Fountain Speakers, these are the business.You can connect the speakers easily to your PC or tv with usb, Smartphone including iPhone, or any other device with an 3.5mm audio output. There’s no need for extra batteries, you just have to use the USB power cable to create a stunning visual display of both water and light. The generated water fountains dance in sync to every different beat and thanks to the 4 different vivid colors you will see your tunes come alive. You will love them so much and so will your friends and family.

– Suitable for PC, Mac, MP3 Players, Mobile Phones inc. iPhone & Tablets etc

– Speaker output power 4W x 2 (8W Total)

– Size: 5.1cm x 6.3cm x 22.0cm

– 1 year warranty

Box Contains:-

Speakers x 2 USB Cable x 1 3.5mm Audio Cable x 1

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