Large ilumi LED Smartbulb (SO KOOL)

cool-lightning-stuff redesign_1737_ilumiPAR30Bulb_MF2redesign_1737_ilumiPAR30Bulb_MF4

The ilumi Lightbulb is now available in a larger size and is so cool, and is the perfect boost for your overhead lighting. Using the free app, you can adjust the color and brightness of your lighting or explore amazing built-in programs to experience lighting like never before. Plus it lasts for up to 20 years and is 5x more energy efficient than a regular bulb.

  • Huge size perfect for overhead, recessed, can, or track lighting
  • Sync all the lighting to a pulse with the beat of your music and stuff
  • Wake up naturally with a scheduled sunrise
  • Create it, save it, and replay your favorite lighting scenes anywhere
  • Let your light make it look like someone’s always home
  • Let your light guide you, turning on & off as you move from room to room, cool!!!

This is so cool and.. the Crazy Sale Price is Only:

 $89 $100 with free shipping



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